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Anastasia Nikitina has won major international crown 
World Bikini Model  Queen 2012.

We are glad to announce the Anastasia Nikitina has become the official World Bikini Model  Queen 2012 Besides the main title, Anastasia has won the Miss Cantacuzino 2012 honorable title that was presented by the castle owner. During this year, Anastasia will be visiting a number of official events to promote her Crown and the pageant.

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On the 1st of July the famous Cantacuzino castle has hosted major international beauty pageant organized by Catwalk Production and European Tourism organization with a number of Crowns to award. The Cantacuzino castle (www.cantacuzinocastle.ro) is one of the most beautiful European architectural landmarks and rightfully called - The Pearl of Bushteni. It is very symbolic that the most beautiful contestant of this year from all over the Europe, Latin America and Asia has gathered in this famous place to select the winners.

Contestants has spent 10 days in Romania preparing for the pageant, visiting cultural landmarks and giving official press-conferences. They have a chance to visit a Presidential Palace and attend an official event in the Bushteni city hall.